Monday, 12 May 2008

Visitor counter

I have now added a visitor counter and look forward to seeing it rise lol :)
Ummm... do I really have to have pictures in the postings section when I add in labels, anyone !!

Haven't been on for a few days, have started lots of news cards, just need the finishing touches. Eldest son has sats this week and first visit to orthodondist (sp) so he's busy fretting!!

Another day

Another day another dollar, of to work soon and still my inspiration is missing hopefully it will return as I have several birthday cards to make.

Day one

Well this is my first ever posting and I don't know what to write lol, DH is away on a golfing holiday and I didn't get alot of sleep last night. I had hoped to make lots of cards while he was away but I think he may well have taken my inspiration with him! Hope to finish some I have started and will post some picture soon.

Starting my blog

Well I have started my blog and added a slide, not got very far but its a start. Had a hectic day so hopefully tomorrow will be able to add more.