Friday, 30 May 2008

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Butterflies & Ted

A few of the butterflies on this one are layered which don't show very well.

Vase of flowers

Another recycled

Another recycled card the monkey is on a spring, very basic.

Another stamped image

This one is a stamped image received in a swap. I have silver mirror card on the back and under the Happy Birthday which when scanned has come out two different colours!

Cuttlebug background

This was a quick make cuttlebug Happy Birthday background and a cut out of an birthday card (recyle)

Various Selection

A various selection of cards here. Been busy scanning tonight, some of them not scanned very well though :(
This one is a stamped image. The middle flower is a double which you can't actually see. The colouring hasn't scanned to well and I've scanned it wonky!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Well I'm sat at work with a few minutes spare, a rare occassion, the weather is absolutely awful :( where is the sunshine. Have had several ideas for cards but can guarantee I will have forgotten them by the time I get to put them together.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Been away all weekend to Bognor Regis, eldest had a footie tournemount, got knocked out by a very dirty team (lots of angry parents and players) but we all had a good time and weather was very kind to us. My eldest/Team/and presentation-Trophy presented by Mark Wright. Other son is in the presentation too! bottom row 2nd from end (the little one) :)

Another day

Another day another dollar, of to work soon and still my inspiration is missing hopefully it will return as I have several birthday cards to make.

Day one

Well this is my first ever posting and I don't know what to write lol, DH is away on a golfing holiday and I didn't get alot of sleep last night. I had hoped to make lots of cards while he was away but I think he may well have taken my inspiration with him! Hope to finish some I have started and will post some picture soon.

Starting my blog

Well I have started my blog and added a slide, not got very far but its a start. Had a hectic day so hopefully tomorrow will be able to add more.